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Welcome to the website of Energy Materials and Devices Laboratory (EMDL) in School of Materials Science and Engineering at Kyungpook National University (KNU).

We currently focus on fabrication of flexible energy harvesting device and synthesis of piezoelectric nanomaterials.




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Lab. News


1. 배준호(17학번, 학부 3학년), 채수아(19학번, 학부 3학년) 학사과정생, 에너지 소재 및 소자 연구실의 학부연구생으로 참여!

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2. 남채영/현동열 학사과정생(4학년), 국제전문학술지(SCI 논문) 표지논문 선정! (Advanced Electronics Materials)

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3. 에너지 재료 및 소자 연구실, 2020년도 안전관리 우수연구실 인증!

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4. 박종민/김서하/남채영 학사과정생(4학년, 석사과정 진학 예정), 전기전자재료학회 추계학술대회에서 우수 포스터발표상 수상!



5. 함성수 석사과정생, 전기전자재료학회 추계학술대회에서 우수 구두발표상 수상!



Recently published papers


1. "Synergistically Improved Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting of Edge-Oxidized-Graphene-Bridged N-Type Bismuth Telluride Thick Film", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,



2. "Enhanced Energy Conversion Performance of a Magneto-mechano-electric Generator Using the Laminate Composite Made of Piezoelectric Polymer and Metallic Glass" Advanced Electronic Materials, 7(1), (2020), No.2000969.



3. "Piezoelectric BaTiO3 microclusters and embossed ZnSnO3 microspheres-based monolayer for highly-efficient and flexible composite generator" Composites Part B, 203, (2020), No.108476.



4. "Piezoelectricity of Picosecond Laser-synthesized Perovskite BaTiO3 Nanoparticles" Applied Surface Science, 511, (2020), No.145614.